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The Idendrix team brings many decades of education and experience in fields as diverse as advanced microelectronics, aerospace engineering, data platforms, business development, strategic and tactical planning, global marketing and branding, education, and entrepreneurial ventures. While all possess the necessary ego to drive them to success, none allows those egos to hamper team success. The team recognizes their strengths and utilizes those strengths to raise the team and recognizes the other team members’ strengths enhance the robustness of the team as a whole. Intrapersonal and interpersonal communication strategies are the key to the teams operation; all are intently willing to offer their suggestions and equally willing to attend to the suggestions of others. Following are some brief biographies.


Michael Kozicki, Ph.D., C.Eng.

Michael Kozicki, Ph.D., C.Eng.

Principal/CEO/Chief Technologist

Michael Kozicki is a Professor in the School of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering and Director of the Center for Applied Nanoionics (CANi) at Arizona State University.  Dr. Kozicki is involved with research and teaching in solid state electronics and nanotechnology.  His creative interests include nanoionics, low-energy non-volatile memories, interconnect systems, and advanced authentication technologies.  He holds over 75 highly-ranked US and International patents in solid state technology, has published scientific papers that have been cited over 1000 times, and is a frequent invited speaker at international conferences.  His work in solid state ionics has led to a new class of memory which is currently on the world semiconductor market.  Dr. Kozicki’s consulting activities have allowed him to serve clients ranging from the U.S. Government to large multinational high-technology corporations.  He previously served as Chief Scientist of Adesto Technologies, Founding Director of Entrepreneurial Programs in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, Director of the Center for Solid State Electronics Research, and Adjunct Professor at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology in Korea.  Prior to his academic career, Dr. Kozicki was Laboratory Manager for the CSSER and a Project Engineer with Hughes (now Raytheon) in the United Kingdom.  He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Edinburgh in his native Scotland, where he is now a Visiting Professor,  and his Ph.D. in semiconductor process technology was gained through research at the same institution.  Dr. Kozicki is a Chartered Engineer, a Founding Member of the Globalscot Network (appointed by the First Minister of Scotland), a Member of the IEEE, the IoP, the ECS, the MRS, and Eta Kappa Nu.  He has received a number of awards in recognition of his work, including the School’s Teaching Excellence Award, a Golden Key National Honor Society Outstanding Professor Award, the College of Extended Education’s Outstanding Faculty Award, the IEEE Phoenix Section’s Outstanding Educator Research Award, and several best paper awards at international conferences.  Dr. Kozicki is also a Lemelson-MIT Prize nominee and one of his inventions, a wheelchair for controlled environments, was hailed as one of the top products of 1993 by Semiconductor International magazine.

Brian Pio

Brian Pio


Currently, Brian is the CEO of Lihua North America, the U.S. arm of the $60m Lihua Color Printing enterprise.  Brian is responsible for all U.S. revenue and works with a wide array of Fortune 500 clients.  Previously, Brian created platform packaging and procurement logisitics solutions for clients such as Motorola, Eschelon, and others.  Brian, began his packaging career with Kent Landsberg learning customer service relationships, JIT, Quality Assurance, the packaging industry and the other skills that have led to his enormous success as an outside sales representative.  Driven by a focus on building relationships, his passion is designing and delivering solutions to his customers, often solutions to problems of which they were unaware.  Since 1997 Brian has managed over $100,000,000 in account sales and continues to help companies find sustainable and innovative product packaging solutions across a myriad of fabrication and fulfillment resources. Brian is a do-whatever-it-takes professional who delivers on his promises. 

For the past decade Brian has served as an independent sales representative for organizations such as Stephen Gould and Uneka.  Brian has a knack for identifying under served market niches and designing solutions that drive opportunities in those markets, He strives to provide customers with a level service excellence unequaled in the packaged goods industry. His industry relationships includes a global array of clients, contract manufacturers, “end-to-end” supply chain vendors, transportation and logistics, media design, eco systems and sustainability, assembly and fulfillment. Brian’s resources range from the United States to Brazil, Mexico, China, Canada, and Europe.

Mike Hauf

Mike Hauf


Mike brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and education in the fields of performance testing and nuclear research.  Mike has defined and refined standards, processes, and regulations for companies and government agencies worldwide.  He is often summoned as a subject matter expert for investigations into incidents involving structural or procedural failures in the aerospace and nuclear arenas and his expertise in these areas is renowned.  Most recently, Mike has developed Quanta Labs and the Quanta Labs Team in San Jose, CA into the premier performance and destructive testing facility in the western United States with capacities and capabilities unmatched in the region.  Mike graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelor of Science, Nuclear/Mechanical Engineering and holds certifications as a Professional Mechanical Engineer (16337) and Professional Nuclear Engineer (1317).

Steven Latino

Steven Latino


Steve is a strong, results-oriented program and project manager primarily focused on utilizing technology to solve complex processes resulting in increased efficiencies from technology and performance teams.  Proven success visualizing, designing, defining goals, assembling talent, communicating thoroughly, and driving teams toward positive end results as recognized through awards and rewards with Fortune 1000 companies.  Steve is a firm, yet flexible, situational leader who performs best in dynamic and highly challenging environments.  After various roles in the military including firefighter/rescue, leadership and management instructor, operations control, and personnel, Steve entered technology and has experience as support engineer and senior sales at AT&T, AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless, Banner Healthcare, and at Arizona State University.  Steve’s education includes M.Ed., Human Relations, Northern Arizona University (Honors) and a BS, Management, Arizona State University.  Steve hold various technology and teaching certifications.

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