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The authorities on advanced authentication, identification and encryption.

The End of Counterfeiting in the Palm of Your Hand

The Idendrix patented process and technology platform provides the most advanced, flexible and deployable verification solution that instantly eliminates counterfeiting with the touch of a button.

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How It Works

The Idendrix platform creates both 2D & 3D industrial dendrites through an advanced electromechanical process that can then be applied or embedded to any surface, substrate or material on the planet. Inexpensively and securely.

We then used customized scanning and dendrite readers that enable encrypted algorithm technology to immediately confirm if an item is genuine or counterfeit. The possibilities are endless. The cost savings are immeasurable. The entire process is 100% secure, scalable and absolutely impossible to duplicate.



What Is A Dendrite?

An Idendrix dendrite is our proprietary commercial application derived from nature. Because our dendrite creation process is developed organically and biometrically, just like nature creates a snow flake or the branches of a tree, no two dendrites are ever alike.

But we don’t stop there. Matched with our scanning technology and customized verification solutions, these little dendrites stop active counterfeiting cold in their tracks.

Pennies to make. Trillions in Savings.

Each Indendrix dendrite costs fractions of a penny to make since our fabrication process is so simple. This makes the application of our technology affordable and scalable to virtually any application imaginable.

Limitless Encryption. Unlimited security.

Since no two dendrites are alike, the beauty of our encryption technology means there are no limits to what can be secured. Imagine every single Idenrix enable item becoming its very own Fort Knox.


Market Value for Every Industry

Physical Access Security and Asset Tracking

Idendrix is a perfect application for access security or physical asset tracking. Idendrix’s miniscule form factor allows for data tags to be applied to a plethora of access security implementations. Impregnated on name badges. Embedded in clothing. Layered on substrates. The possibilities are as endless.

Anti-Counterfeiting Consumer Goods

Expensive consumer and luxury goods are the most counterfeited items on the planet. Indendrix technology allows brands to include instant automatic anti-counterfeiting verification into the design of their products. Indendrix empowers consumers to know they are buying genuine products and provides a trusted verification platform across the world.

Anti-Counterfeiting Currency

The world’s financial markets still require currency and paper-based products for stocks, bonds, policies and certificates to conclude transactions. Idendrix is the most advanced anti-counterfeiting technology platform available anywhere and provides the ultimate layer of security to any type of financial instruments. Since it can’t be duplicated, it can’t be counterfeited.

Genetic Tracking

Idendrix allows you to track all types of seed, plant, flower, Non-GMO and GMO plant based genetics from “Seed to Store”. Idendrix gives you complete visibility into all aspects of seed generation, cultivation, harvesting and final production. Giving producers, governmental agencies, associations and consumers access to genetic data.

Inventory Control

Idendrix is the most advanced, cost effective and deployable inventory control platform imaginable. Period. Our patented end-to-end solution allows you to track and verify all types of commodities, manufacturing, distribution, production, orders, or inventory in any configuration your operation needs. Flexible, Powerful. Scalable. Secure.


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